MYC's quality certificates

At MYC, we understand quality as a value added to the market service a useful tool setting standards to ensure the best entrepreneurial management and a guarantee for our clients
The aim of the drive to obtain certifications has been to state publicly that our services comply with all the requisites and demands of international, national, regional and sector standards. MYC has a Quality Management System enabling us to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the products and services, tackling all projects, according to on-going improvement for each process, to meet our clients’ needs.

The Management System makes it possible to integrate the processes that define MYC, as high-specialised complementary production units offering our clients comprehensive solutions, right from the first design phases to the commissioning of the product in complete or partial projects as needed, and able to meet the most demanding requirements of quality, while maintaining a highly-competitive level.

ISO 9001 standard
Helps us to demonstrate our commitment to quality in the products and services we offer our clients

Standard ISO 9001 enables us to operate more efficiently, making it possible to organise in all MYC ‘s processes, facilitating understanding between all. Moreover, the correct application of this Standard enhances productivity and efficiency.

UNE en 9100
Develops a standard applicable to the aerospace suppliers’ quality management systems

This includes requisites for both the quality management system pursuant to ISO 9001 and the additional specifications and requisites for the aerospace industry. Thanks to UNE EN 9100, we are able to guarantee quality as part of the aerospace sector, promoting total quality in our services.

Certificates of Montajes y Cableados Aeronáuticos