People are our most valuable asset,
and we know that work well done is the result of those forming part of that.

-Eduardo Ramírez, CEO of MYC-

Eduardo Ramírez


Eduardo is founder and the person with top responsibility for discovering business openings and talent, making MYC one of the main companies in assembly and manufacturing engineering in Spain. Graduating with an MBA, specialised in company management and direction in the aeronautical sector, he has for more than twenty-five years been working in the development of the assembly business sector.

He began aged seventeen and has since then risen progressively to become Area Director of Assembly and Aerostructures, directing multidisciplinary teams in various leading companies in the sector. The upshot of this experience has been the capacity and knowledge for the global management of integral aeronautical projects. Attitude, drive and perseverance are the keys to the working philosophy introduced in MYC.

Carlos Cristóbal

Director of Operations

An industrial engineer with an MBA and partner and co-founder of MYC, as well as Director of Operations, Carlos heads the company’s Aeronautical Assembly Direction, bringing a comprehensive view of the aeronautical business, both technically and at the company management level.

During his more than fifteen years’ experience in the aeronautical and industrial sectors, he has specialised in project management, the planning and implementation of industrial plans, resource management, risk-analysis and cost-cutting. He has worked with leading companies in the aeronautical sector, coordinating and developing teams in national and international projects.

Germán Colao

Director of Quality

Germán has wide experience in certification and maintenance of the Quality Management System, Security Management System and the Environmental Management and Processes System. He has worked in various sectors such as motor vehicles, aeronautics, space and defence.

His more than twenty years’ experience have allowed him to create and introduce an Organisational System based on continual improvement, from the preparation of tenders to delivery of the product/service, via Design and Development Engineering, Manufacture, Assembly and Industrial Measurement.

Rafael Moreno

Head of Tooling

Head of the Tooling Business Division in MYC, with more than twenty years’ experience in the aeronautical and industrial sectors, as department head and in team management. His professional record is wide-ranging, working as project head in various leading companies in the sector.

During all this time, he has developed both technical and management functions, dealing with projects from conception through to delivery and client support. Rafael also has an MBA and a Master in Commercial Management and Marketing from the CFE Business School.

Gema PÉrez

Head of Human Resources

A labour relations graduate from Carlos III University of Madrid in addition to Master in Administration and Management of Human Resources, Gema has had more than ten years’ experience in talent and personnel management in the industrial sector.

She is specialised in various activities such as selection, training & development, and administrative tasks and has, during her career, acquired wide experience in the organisation and management of work teams and the application of actions to ensure that all the components of a team share and work for a common objective.